The Team

Miguel Bos
Owner – Manager

Over his 30 year career, Miguel has worked across a range of developed and emerging markets, including Portugal, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Mozambique and Angola. With experience in the graphic and paper processing industries, including security printing, as well as business consultancy management, Miguel brings with him an international background and a strong customer focus. Miguel has previously worked at Muller Martini, KPMG, Mondefin and GS Portugal.

Trained in Business Management, Miguel is fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Dutch, and has a good working knowledge of French.

Miguel is a member of the board of the Dutch-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, which he also chaired between 2005 and 2009.

Ana Borba
Managing Partner

With 25 years of experience in design and graphic production and often working within an international context, Ana is strongly results-orientated and with a professional experience that developed through the integration of multiple vocations and sectors both in Portugal and Spain. Her career path includes Litografia de Portugal and Wunderman Cato Johnson. In the area of publishing, Ana’s freelancing portfolio includes, among others, Banco Totta & Acores, Barclays Bank, KPMG and FNAC. In the Food & Beverage industry, Ana created the business Giraldinha, Lda. (2003 – 2012), through which she worked with customers such as Dutch-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, Barclays Bank, Luso-American Development Foundation, Embassy of Belgium, Rebelo de Sousa, Cunha Vaz e Associados, Bertrand, Lisboa Racket Center (where she ran the restaurant A Giralda), among others.

A graphic designer by training, Ana is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish, and has a good working knowledge of French.